Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pride Month

Take Action on "That's So Gay"

Great video from Alberta:

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network


Homepage of GLSEN


 Support resource and opportunity to register your GSA.


Video of GSA of the Year Award Winners

GSA Letter of Support from Premier Wall

North Battleford GSA


Congratulations to North Battleford for starting a GSA for elementary and high school students!

Attention Grabbers on Gay Marriage


Gender Variance in Elementary Schools


LGBT Youth Resources.  Is this the right school for my non-gender conforming child?

Gay-Straight Alliances subject of debate in Saskatchewan


CBC News Story

Little Boxes


Little Boxes: video story about being transgendered in a society that forces people to choose.  A good story for gender identity and gender expression.

Imperial Community School

 Thank you to Sydnee and Eva for having the courage to start our school's GSA.  It is the first of its kind in elementary schools in Regina Public.

Below is our panel of speakers for our Awareness Day. Thank you to Mike White and Carla Blakely for sharing their personal stories and words of hope to our grade 6-8s.  We also really appreciated hearing about Camp Fyrefly.

18 Brave Students Stand Up for LGBT Rights


Scary Stats on Twitter Hate


When did you decide to be straight?


Try hosting a "don't say gay day" or having students sign a petition to stop using the word gay in a negative connotation. A visual representation in the school would be a great way to show the decrease in usage.


I am thrilled to be starting a blog to support Elementary Schools interested in establishing a Gay Straight Alliance at their school.  You will find stories, support materials, links and activity ideas on this page.